Sean Baumstark & Kyle Bryant continue to team up via this bi-weekly podcast. Tune in for a funny yet heart-wrenching exploration of life beyond circumstances. Capturing a world-wide audience, this show is available on Apple Podcasts, GooglePlay & Stitcher.

Two Disabled Dudes Podcast

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The Ataxian Movie

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Unable to walk due to a rare neuromuscular disease, Kyle Bryant, along with Sean Baumstark and two other teammates, compete in Race Across America. This film captures their journey and includes stories and perspectives from other families affected by Friedreichs Ataxia.


An annual competitive grant opportunity awarding individuals living with ataxia adaptive cycling equipment. Made available by FARA and rideATAXIA.

Ataxian Athlete Initiative


  • Established 2009
  • 50+ Awards to date
  • Open every Spring