We created the word. It's a hybrid of determination and resilience. It's so much more than one particular effort. It's a way of life. Determination of the mind, resilience of the body. It's making your mind up to hit the mark, reach the top, cross the finish line no matter what. Followed by the resilience needed in your body to do so. Run another mile, summit another peak, swim another lap. Life isn't easy. There is always reason to quit. But we don't talk about that here.



1 Our world is plagued with over 7,000 rare diseases, affecting 30mil people in the U.S. and 350mil around the globe. Too often, those diagnosed are devastated and feel hopeless. This can be especially true for those whose diagnosis has little or no research efforts to help fight the condition.

2 In the face of a rare progressive disease that threatens mobility, de:terminence launched with the mission to help others live beyond their diagnosis or disease. Being told you can't do something fuels us toward achievement. Our achievement may look different, but it always feels the same: empowering.

3 Whether using a wheelchair, handcycle or the need of other adaptive tools, we seek to foster achievement through procuring necessary equipment, resources, teammates or just a loud fan club in order to help people complete a 5k, marathon, climb a mountain or cycle across country.

We don’t believe disability should keep anyone out of the race.

“Life is about how we react.”Kyle Bryant, The Ataxian

Who We Are

De:terminence was founded by Sean Baumstark shortly after being diagnosed with Friedreichs Ataxia in 2007. This rare, debilitating, degenerative neuromuscular disease is slowly robbing Sean of many physical abilities. With the help of friends and family, Sean launched this movement in order to help others cross finish lines.

Board of Directors

Courtney Lee, Secretary

Kelly Vickers, CFO

Kyle Bryant, Director

Bridget Johnston, Director

Layton Wedgeworth, Director

Lucas Van Sickle, Director