De:terminence Is Helping Others Experience Life - Fully Lived

A diagnosis or disability often changes everything. De:terminence was born in the face of debilitating and diminishing physical abilities. We set out to help people run marathons and climb mountains. As time goes on, we've realized, while crossing finish lines may be important to some, simply traveling a few hundred miles or bike riding with family is just as important but challenging for others. From commercial travel restrictions, heavy mobility equipment, constant needs to remain connected to life-sustaining devices, to financial burdens and so much more - the uphill battle is ongoing. 

We are working to improve the quality of life for those jeopardized by disease or disorder and your gift today can help us do more than ever! As a registered 501(c)(3), de:terminence does is harnessing the power of crowdfunding to help people achieve, accomplish, create and explore beyond the circumstances of their health or abilities.

Meet Jen Gasner

Jen grew up playing the piano and had an obsessive love for music. At age 17, she was diagnosed with Friedreichs ataxia (FA), a rare neuromuscular disease that's causing progressive damage to her body. At the time, Jen had no idea how FA would affect her life. She began her college years studying radio broadcasting at the University of Wisconsin Plateville. Due to the declining quality of her voice, she shifted her academic focus toward English writing. However, her love for music was unchanged and she remained involved with the Student Activities Board, helping book bands for music events on her campus. She began using a walker at the age of 21 and went on to receive her MS in Recreation from Western Illinois University. Jen started using a power wheelchair in the summer of 1999. She now lives in San Diego, California and volunteers her time with various non-profits for people with disabilities.

Meet Jen's Dream

Traveling with a disability is no easy task. Although she has made her home in California, Jen has family and loved ones all over the United States whom she rarely gets to visit. This accessible RV will give her the freedom and independence that we all desire! A fully accessible RV will allow Jen to safely maneuver and use every feature of a home-on-the-road, including the shower, loading in and out of the vehicle, transferring from her powerchair and much more. Traveling again will allow her to put her expertise to work and give her the ability to continue her volunteering - on a national level.

Help #FreeMyFriendJen

De:terminence has teamed up with Kevin Daly and other friends who want to help Jen achieve the freedom that a fully accessible RV offers. The friendship between Jen & Kevin dates back 20 years and with your donation, we can help Jen experience another exciting, adventurous and fulfilling 20 years.